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Have you ever searched for the best website builder online? Maybe you have. Maybe that’s how you’ve got to this article today.  There are countless website builders online today.  I want to review one very specific website builder today. 

Site Rubix.  This website builder actually comes as part of a membership to Wealthy Affiliate University.  So why am I’m reviewing it? I understand that it’s not available to the general public, but that is why it is able to be so great!  Now I have reasons to why I believe that this is the best website builder online. 

1. Along with the membership to Wealthy Affiliate University you get free web-hosting that is top notch.  Site Rubix seamlessly transfers your website that you have built to your web hosting account.  With built in FTP software you can transfer it to any hosting account around.

2. With a click of a button you can transfer your sites to a .zip file to send anywhere!

3. Easy to change template while keeping settings and incorporating incredible drag-and-drop functionality.

This is the easiest system to get great sites up and running in minutes!  Now you can get simple systems for free anywhere, but none will offer the ease of use that site rubix uses. 

This is the best website builder online.  To paint a picture of the ease of use here is the general setup for a general website. 

1. Select theme

2. Select banner

3. Then there’s the building.

4. Add a layout (30%/70%, 50/50, 40/60)

5. Upload to your hosting!

If you are looking for a website builder to use, then look towards Site Rubix.  Like I mentioned in the beginning Site Rubix comes with a membership to Wealthy Affiliate University.  Site Rubix along with all the other tools that come with your Wealthy Affiliate University membership will take your web presence to a whole new level. 

With any other site builder online, you may build a website using a fancy “grab-and-drop” editor, but when you go to use it,  you will be left in the dust. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to run your website from any computer in the world.  You can upload your images, videos, screenshots so that you don’t have to have your own hard-drive to operate. 

Web development is made easy with Site Rubix making it the best website builder online today!

Web Design

Web Design