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When running different programs and applications, it’s important to look for an effective internet host so you can get the most out of the features and spend less time trying to configure. The framework allows programmers to enjoy their ideas and creations faster, because of the open-source design. Some applications that used to take programmers weeks or months to complete can now be accomplished at a much faster rate. There are so many applications online today that are supported by Ruby on Rails (ROR). Huge companies invest in both small and big Rails applications and programs for various activities that will ultimately improve productivity, value and income.

About the Ecosystem

David Heinemeier Hansson created RoR in 2003 and has continued to grow the Rails core team. The web host also is supported by a very wide ecosystem and has over 1,800 contributors. The preferred Rails editor is TextMate on OS X, although other editors of the past are still doing well. Other IDEs include RubyMine, 3rd Rail and RadRails. Performance monitoring is also another great feature, since RoR is full of start-ups that helps programmers check their application progress. Some of the good applications include Scout and New Relic. As for Rails hosting companies, Heroku, Rails Machine, Engine Yard and Brightbox have been present for a long time and continue to provide programmers with feature-packed capabilities in the ecosystem. For VPS, Linode and Slicehost are good. For consultation, there are excellent teams from Planet Argon, Thoughtbot, WyeWorks.entp and Phusion. Conferences and workshops are also available. The recommended Rails conference is RailsConf.

Introduction to Web Hosting

Web hosting is a kind of internet service wherein groups and individuals can create their own website or program and make these available to thousands of people using the World Wide Web or internet. As a web host, RoR creates space on a borrowed or owned server to be used by the programmers, including connection to the internet. RoR can even give space and connection to the web for servers to be found in its own data center.

The process is called housing or collocation. There are simple and small-scale web and file hosting. RoR is considered as an advanced type of service wherein support for data, as well as platforms for program and application development are provided. This way, programmers can provide users with extra features and content that will make their websites as interesting to consumers as possible.

Advantages of RoR

Ruby on Rails has created a solid reputation for providing reliable web hosting. RoR focuses more on the framework, instead of the tools, to help programmers develop their ideas and create applications that will attract their target market more. Programmers do not need to worry much about configuration and saves more time while improving productivity. Rails will depend on the language set by RoR, so codes are simplified and may not need to be written each time. It is highly possible for programmers to complete works that used to be completed in months within just a few days.

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