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The perception is search engine marketing is only paid advertising it is not true as it also means SEO – search engine optimization or organic techniques. Today I'm going to outline some of the non paid organic techniques and that include SEO.


SEO is the short form for search engine optimization which is the process of improving the quality and the volume of the traffic to a site by improving the ranking of the site on the search result. This process is sometimes known as web optimization or search engine ranking. Now this is purely organic which means you can not pay Google to put you site in position # 1. The placement depend on number of factors depending on the search engine and they are as per company.


1. Age of the website
2. Quality of the page content
3. Quantity of pages and internal links
4. Quality of the incoming links
5. Quantity of the incoming links
6. Age of the links
7. Age of the pages
8. Site reputation
9. PR of site
10. PR of links


1. Quantity of pages and internal links
2. Quality of the incoming links
3. Quantity of the incoming links


1. Quantity of pages and internal links
2. Quality of the incoming links
3. Quantity of the incoming links

You see the differences between Google, yahoo and Bing are only the PR and age. To Google, Age means authority therefore older site rank higher in Google. Also Google introduced a page rank which is other companies not use. Now Google is more advanced than other Bing and yahoo by using age and page rank are significant factors in website ranking. Page rank is a number from 0 to 10 or really from -1 or page page rank to page rank 10. Page rank mean how important is your website to Google. Usually quality website has a good page rank value (above PR 5) ie if your website contains useful information to public then Google will rank it high. A good example is Wikipedia is a massive encyclopedia that is always ranked high due to the accuracy of the information and quality of the content. A famous say in the SEO world is content is King.