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Here are five ways to better optimize your videos:

1. Make sure there is keyword rich text around the video. It is not likely that a video in the middle of a blank page will rank well. Search engines can’t watch a video so you will need to provide some text that they can use to properly index and rank the page. Make the text descriptive using relevant keywords.

Also, there are a few people, myself included, who prefer to read what you are presenting rather than watch your video. Unless there is a compelling reason to spend the time watching, I will almost always scroll down to look for the text version.

Tip: You can edit your script or transcript to make it stand on its own as an article, and post it below the video.

Tip: Make good use of the “real estate” on video sharing sites by adding keyword rich text to the page wherever reasonable.

2. Insert keywords in the video’s metadata. This data is attached directly to your video and can be extracted by search engines to better index and rank your content. You will definitely want to create a keyword rich description within the metadata. Keep in mind that this is data that can be viewed by users who download your video.

3. Insert keywords in the video’s filename.

4. Insert keywords in the URL for the video page.

Tip: Video sharing sites often use the video’s “Title” to create the URL, so use keywords judiciously.

5. Always include the complete URL for your page in your video’s description. I make it the very first thing in the description. Sometimes the website that you upload it to will turn it into a real link back to your site, sometimes they won’t. At the very least in provides users with everything they need to find your video, or your website.

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