Search Engine Optimization – Most Successful Companies Neglect Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – Most Successful Companies Neglect Search Engine Optimization

You may find a contradiction in the fact that the most successful companies today disregard search engine optimization for their websites, but they actually do. Less than 50% of these companies care for optimization practices, expecting that their recognized name will conduct search engine results.

There are many search engine optimization problems with these important websites and all of them that can be corrected, but it is not a priority for the companies to find solutions that enhance their presence online. Not a smart move!

An important fact that has been neglected by large companies is in regards to languages ​​and countries. These companies should host, on a pertinent ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), a website for each country in the corresponding language, however, they avoid it because of reporting, CMS integration and cost relevancy.

So, the way it is working now is that every language is under a top level domain (TLD), impeding the companies to appear in searches specifically run for results within the country. Since there is no duplicate content filter for different languages, the website will show up in every search performed in a language in which it is active, but not if it is a within-country search.

Another aspect of search engine optimization that successful companies disregard, has to do with maintenance. These companies' priority is to simplify maintenance as they need to be able to create new pages in a fast and easy way, but they are not considering, or are not knowledgeable of the fact that more pages will not guarantee more clients if these are not thoroughly optimized. Also, because of the urge these businesses have to present results to shareholders, they neglect new initiatives that could increase their earnings.

Their approach in regards to maintenance is to use Seo- unfriendly content management solutions (CMS) in order to avoid increased costs and time "waste". A professional search engine optimization requires money and time, which big companies do not include in their budgets. What they miss here is the hidden cost this is triggering: CMS can cause Google's duplicate filter to tag the website, taking it off search results and making these companies lose a lot of money.

Other key factor for successful companies' disregard for search engine optimization practices relating to the difficulty they encounter when trying to approve what content they can show. This content must be reviewed over and over again by numerous people in the copy, marketing, legal and leadership teams to guarantee the companies' integrity and, in the end, many of the content approved is pure junk.

Big companies usually neglect specialized audiences by believing all their clients think in the same way, so they do not consider important portal pages as a vehicle to get to specific people with a specific product, that, missing on new and profitable markets.

Successful companies are where they are for a reason, however, the goal is not to get there but to stay there and while enjoying that position, encouragement and care for every detail in order to reach a higher level of success, one that goes beyond finances .

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