Search Engine Optimization (seo)

Largest amount of Internet traffic comes through search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Etc). Which means that having a website is not enough, if you are not on the search engines than your site is invisible to most people and may risk losing many business opportunities as their potential customers could not find their products and services. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving its website with the aim of positioning in the first search results for a given keyword. In short, the SEO seeks to make a site more relevant in the natural search results through a web optimized design and optimization techniques then that would increase the chances of being found by potential customers. Why the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The positioning in natural search engines is almost essential for any Web business strategy in the medium to long term because consumers use search engines like Google or Yahoo! to find products and services. “62% of users click on links within the first page of results.” When performing a job Optimization for Search Engines you would get the following benefits: * Your website will be more exposed to search engines as it will get better positioning. (First page of results) * By occupying the first places in the search results, there is a greater likelihood that users can “click” on their link. * It will increase the quality traffic to your site, increasing the attraction of potential customers. * The “clicks” generated have no cost, which leads to a greater return on their investment. What’s in this strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The SEO is a process that requires patience, persistence and time to begin to experience the results. This process may include: * Definition of Keywords (Key word). * Optimized Web Design. * Monitoring and Analysis of Traffic. Make sure you hire a perfect Search Engine Optimizer for your site.