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Are you really interested training in SEO/PPC?

Are you frustrated, watching your competitors get your share of new business from search engines?

Are you tired of investing your precious time and profits in SEO and internet marketing classes, only to discover youve been taught theory with no real world application or secret sauce?

Do you want to improve your website traffic and conversion, but not quite sure how to get started?

Youve finally come to the right place!

Hi! Im Swapan Kumar, an Internet Marketing Success Master.

I want to invite you to enroll in SEO/PPC training to learn the facts about these and other common myths that can cost you valuable time and money when making decisions about how to promote YOUR business online.

After 10+ years in online marketing, e-business, and Web & internet marketing, I have built a successful SEO and internet marketing consulting practice helping businesses of all sizes leverages the online extension of their business for a greater ROIsuccess.

Now you can improve the performance of your website by learning:

. Understanding the organizations long-term goals and objectives
. What TRUE SEO is and how it should really work
. How to avoid the most common optimization pitfalls
. How to apply professional Search Engine Optimization tips and techniques to take advantage of organic search engine traffic – and get results within 30 days!
. How to learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization and how to build your website the right way and how to Optimize
. Your existing Websites – with visual training and online tutorials..
. How to Use Social Web 2.0 Sites to drive insane targeted traffic to your websites – Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Hubpages, and Youtube
. Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks – Learn SEO Straight from the professionals live with Video Tutorials taking you step by step.
. And Much More SEO Basics and Advanced Learning Video Tutorials – Learn the Easy Way with our Online SEO Training Membership Site..
. How to write SEO copy for your website, press releases, blogs, etc.
. How to proactively leverage Google analytics
. How to improve website conversion of visitors to customers (for ROI!)

I look forward to helping YOU gain the knowledge and techniques to leverage your website to drive traffic and convert targeted visitors into customers!

Swapan Kumar
SEO/PPC/ Web Marketing Expert

M: 91-9971489782

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