SEM Business Blueprint

SEM Business Blueprint

So What Is The SEM Business Blueprint Product?

S.E.M. stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting a website positioned in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) so that prospective customers can easily find it when they search for products or services.

There is a great demand for SEM because many (most?) small businesses do not have any idea how to get their website in front of the eyeballs of their market. They know they need a website but they don’t have a clue how to make the Internet work for their business.

SEM can sound complicated and esoteric and to many people it is. But actually it’s quite straightforward and anyone who is even moderately net-savvy can quickly learn the basics.

What You Get In The SEM Business Blueprint Product?

The product is made up of video series, guides, powerpoint presentations, legal documents and much more.

Here’s a short summary of you what you will get in the search engine marketing business blueprint product.

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 1

The first section of SEM Business Blueprint will show you exactly why this is such an exceptionally easy and effective way to make thousands of dollars online.

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 2

In this section you will get simple step by step instructions on how to set up your Pay Per Click and SEO management services and reveal how, once you have everything running, new customers will pay you up front fee of as much as $2500 BEFORE you actually do any work…

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 3

In this section of the SEM Business Blueprint video series you will learn exactly how to set up your customers campaigns once you have received all the information about their business…

You’ll also learn:

  • The inner workings of an essential tool that will save you hours of work.

  • The exact steps to take if your campaigns aren’t receiving any traffic.

  • How to offer highly sought after SEO services (even if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization) and charge a fortune for grabbing the #1 spot in Google.

  • How to outsource all your SEO work for pennies on the dollar.

  • How to offer website development services that you can then outsource on the cheap.

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 4

In this section of the blueprint you will get a full-on exposé of the inner workings of this type of online business by taking you behind the scenes and showing you real life examples from the authors own accounts…

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 5

In this section of the course you learn where and how to find high paying customers.

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