SEO – Does SEO software Work?

SEO – Does SEO software Work?

Most SEO software have its limitations depending on the software itself and the competitiveness of the keywords and keyword phrases being optimized using the software. In very competitive niches most SEO software isn’t going to be much help. That is just me saving you money right off the bat. There are some business niches where the keywords are so competitive that a newcomer might just want to give up; good luck.

In a less competitive niche however, you have a very good chance of improving your rankings towards a page one result. The important thing here is that you do your keyword research first and see what you are up against. You could be up against a mountain of competition which could take you years to get to page one or you might be lucky with your keywords and discover that your business niche is a goldmine with little competition and lots of search volume for your keywords.

It is very important that you realize that most SEO software provides you with the researching the information you need to reach page one. In other words, most of these tools will help you check and monitor your website against your competition’s website and keywords being optimized so that you can have a relative starting point. You will know exactly what you are up against and understand what you need to do to outrank other websites in front of you. This knowledge is very important because without it you would be just guessing and not knowing what actions to take. So, SEO software can help you put together a good plan to dominate the competition.

So, what are the drawbacks of SEO software? From my research most software fall short of the back linking strategy needed to outrank the competition. Search engines use back links to a website as a voting structure to determine popularity, which is one of the most important factors in ranking decisions. Quantity and quality of backlinks are very important, especially with Google. You need links from other websites with authority and high page rank.

Although most SEO software will give you this information and help you with onsite design and structure, the software might not be robust in the back links part of the deal. In other words you have to go and get the backlinks. A few tools do integrate a back linking strategy in to their software but they are limited. There are a few that are actually capable of generating quality backlinks that bring in targeted customers.

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