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A small business that needs to attract customers to their website requires using business SEO. This is a technique that optimizes a website to achieve an optimal ranking in search engine results. The option of SEO to use will depend on the customer's that you want to attract. You are able to use local SEO for the optimization of your page or to target visitors that use a natural search to find a website.

SEO Research

This is the first step for business SEO that requires determining keywords that are used to find products for services when performing an on line search. Make a note for the goal that you want to achieve based on the results of SEO. You then need to list a series of search terms or words that are used if a users want so find your company, a product or service. These will be the keywords that you will need to incorporate into your SEO. Research your keywords to see what other websites are displayed as the top search results for popular search engines. Compare these results to achieve higher rankings than your competition.

On-Site Changes

Evaluate the design of your company's site and various web pages. You will need to have a page design that is visually appealing and that has keywords that are used correctly. The placement of keywords for your web pages are in the title and in the body of the page. The page title is displayed by the title tag of the page that is found in the HTML. You need to include relevant keywords for the title as these will be used as a factor for web page rankings of search engines.

Off-Site Changes

Place links to your website or to specific pages to the local listings for major search engines. One site to use for this purpose is Yelp and even City Search. Links that you add to other sites such as blogs or on a forum will create traffic back to your site. This is another factor that is used for the ranking of sites on a search engine result page. You will also need to create a site map for you site that can be submitted to various search engines.

Track Results

The progress of your business SEO efforts need to be tracked to see a result. This will include increases in traffic to your site and the ranking that is achieved for search engine results. However, the process of business SEO is not finished as you need to continue to find ways to attract visitors to your site. Any of the techniques for optimizing a website can be done by the site owner. However, you may need to use a business SEO service to achieve desired results.

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