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One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website is through search engine optimization or SEO for short. Getting the most out of the benefits of a well-optimized web site will in turn result in substantial earnings for you the Internet marketer. But, optimizing your site can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you're not skilled in this area YET. The good news is anyone can learn how to do SEO, it just takes a little research, time and practice.

Truth be known, you can essentially get all the information you need on SEO in various places on the Internet but you have to really do your research. One of my favorite resources is Brad Callen's E-book SEO Made Easy. You can download this e-book for free and learn some simple foolproof strategies that you can start using right away for search engine optimization success. Do a search on Google and you'll find a copy. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you in search engine optimization success.

1. Good Meta Tags

Your Title, Description and Keywords are very important within your Meta Tags. One this is for sure, make sure your title has some of your top keywords in it instead of "Welcome to my site". Just this one little detail could increase your page ranking tremendously. See Brad Callen's e-book to learn more about Meta tags and how to optimize them.

2. Link exchanges

One economic SEO method that can get you good results is through link exchanges (linking to and from other web sites). Based on what websites you'd like to exchange links with, this tool can even cost you absolutely nothing at all. Get a hold of the author or owner of the web site you want to have a link exchange with and let them know you'd like to exchange links with them. Make sure the sites are related to your subject matter, in other words do not try to get an inbound link from a fishing web site if your site has to do with candle making. You'll be surprised with the temporary spiking up of your page rank using this method. If you can get one-way inbound links to your site that will be even better.

3. Write or obtain keyword-rich articles

Write information-filled and keyword-rich articles. This is a crystal-clear way to make your Internet business more noticeable than ever. You can write your own articles and also get them from article directories that let you to post the articles on your web site as long as you do not delete the resource box or the author's byline. Make sure your articles are full of useful information and not just a copy and pasted sales letter. That tactic will not help you at all and probably get your article flagged and deleted. If you think you can not write or simply do not have them time you can always hire a ghost write. One more thing, take those same articles and submit them to article directories just like this one. That will help you with "back links" and your article might even get picked up by other publishers who will submit your article to their web site, ezine etc. that will absolutely get you more traffic. The bottom line is your web site's content will keep your visitors coming back and even referring people to it if it is worth the read.

4. Organize your site navigation

Giving your visitors easy steps in navigating your site is one way to make them feel comfortable while visiting your site. This can, in turn, better develop the flow of traffic to your website. Think about creating a site map for your web site.

Search engine optimization is always changing but some things always stay the same. There are tons of ways to get you the top of search engines and yes even Google, but you must invest your time to learn what it takes to get your site there and take action right away. Some methods may cost you money but many are free like the above mentioned. Become a student of the game and get in the game and never stop learning.

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