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When undertaking SEO on a website It is important to look for and identify the simple and common SEO mistakes that are made. Common mistakes in SEO affect Search Engine Rankings and should be avoided to minimise the threat of the website losing its ranking position altogether.

Below are a few mistakes that are commonly made when undertaking SEO:

Titles and Descriptions Titles and Descriptions are the most important items on each of your websites pages. Each and every page should have a title and description so that the Search Engines and human visitors no what the web page is about. Without a title or a description you cannot hope to rank well on search engines because search engines read your title and description and match the words they discover with the words that have been searched for.

Content Another mistake involves writing hard to read content. Your content should not be stuffed with keywords and it should should make clear sense to a human of any age that reads it. As I have said before your website is for your customers and visitors. If you write in a manner that confuses them, they will navigate away from your site and most often than not visit your competitors.

Linking Structure I often come across websites and I find it very difficult to reach specific areas of the website that I know exist. Your website should be easy to get around. Your links should be positioned in a manner that makes your website as accessible as possible so that your visitors can easily move around your site and find the information they require.

Keywords Who and Where does your business come from? Is it aimed at local people or a particular age group? Your Keywords should target the people or places that you aim your products or services towards. You should conduct research for the most popular keywords and their variants and use these words on your website.

Web Design Without SEO This is my favourite of all. Wow, What a fantastic website. I bet that cost a bit of money. Hang on a minute. We searched for you in Google and we couldn’t find you anywhere! Having a website designed without considering SEO at all, is pointless. Your website is going to be unsuccessful, a drain on your funds and resources. When designing websites optimisation and Web Design should go hand in hand.

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