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SEO Campaign for E-commerce websites

Know the tips and tricks of SEO to achieve higher ranking in Google for your E-commerce websites. Make a stand-alone presence in the market from your competitors of the same field.

The following SEO processes help in getting top rank for your website.

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Necessary Research

  1. Before you make a digital presence of your site in Google, make an analysis on priority based keywords and competitor research.

  2. When it comes to keyword research: concentrate on keyword search volume, identify high relevant keywords for your product/service.

  3. Do not choose high competitive and too broad keywords.

  4. When we move on to competitor research: Check if your competitors have high Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authorities (PA) than you.

  5. Identify from where your competitors are getting inbound links to their sites.

  6. Site architecture and it’s navigation is the crucial element in any E-commerce websites. Check your competitor’s site architecture and build your own strategy.

Know your site’s Current Status: Site Audit

  • The site audit phase includes: Determining Site Errors and speed.

  • Identify site errors : Test the site to locate errors, link redirects, missing header tags, page redundant, content and missing url’s.

  • Ideally, your site should not take more than 3 seconds to load. Buy more server space to enhance your site performance.

On-page Optimization

  • Implement the techniques of On-page optimization with in your site to boost site ranking in Google. Some of the factors of on-page optimization include:

  • Keyword optimization: Optimize your page or blogs with one potential keyword in page title, urls, meta title and meta description, headers and sub-headers, product and service descriptions and image file names and tags. Use user-friendly url’s to make more loyal customers.

  • Site architecture : Concentrate on creating a ‘Flat site architecture’ for your e-commerce website which creates an easy navigation-path from HOME page to product pages.

  • Internal Linking: Create an internal link to your top keywords. This feature allows you to make your own anchor text. Create a site map and submit to Google. It will crawl your complete website and indexes each page.

  • Social-media integration : Online marketing is highly successful with effective social media integration of your E-commerce website.

  • Easy Navigation : Seamless navigation of the site is the success to any E-commerce business. Enhance the SEO impact by using live chat option in your site.

  • Mobile E-commerce : Mobile phone have overtaken desktops. Customers prefer to shop even when they travel. This makes it imperative for e-commerce websites to become responsive( mobile-friendly). Many of the enterprise apps are exclusively designed for mobiles for great user experience.

  • Customer Reviews : Reviews of a product are quite important for an E-commerce site. Your site’s conversion rate is increased when product reviews are added by a customer to your online shopping portal. Every fresh reviews attracts more new customers.

  • Rich Snippets : These snippets are HTML coded bits which makes a higher impact on improving website’s ranking.

Testing and Optimization

Maintain a perfect testing and optimization strategy to improve constant rankings by using:

  • Analytics for highest conversion keywords.

  • PPC campaigns to your SEO.

  • Testing meta titles and meta descriptions.

  • A/B testing.

Blogs are the Best

  • One of the essential SEO services is keyword research. As you can optimize only one keyword for single page of your site, the rest important one’s will be left behind.

  • Include all the needed keywords in the blog and achieve good traffic for your E-commerce sites. High-quality content blogs can engage the user for more time.

  • Google will not present any social signal points if your business blog is keyword-stuffed.

  • Write a series of posts of about your product or service to make your customers better understand the product’s features and usage.

Be top in Local Listings

  • Ensure to include your company name, address and contact details to be displayed at the bottom of the each page of your website.

  • Enroll your business details in local directories to be in reach of the customers.

  • Use location-based keywords to get identified by Google.

Get your E-commerce website’s visibility listed at the top of the SERP’s in Google through the best practices of a Digital Marketing Company.

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