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The basics are the same as always, to get your site or article indexed by a search engine as fast as possible you need quality links pointing to your site/article. Google often visits quality sites that hold quality links and if a link to your site happens to be there, every hungry search engine will follow it, happily  stumble upon your site and index it. In this manner, you immediately get a good rating and ranking upon every search engine.
It used to be hard for someone who was completely new to internet to get his site indexed up to a couple of years ago. You had no other sites you could put your link on so you had to beg your friends or even people you don’t know to give you a link, or you submitted your site to Google and hoped for the best or you ended up buying links.  All this is in the past  today, and all you have to do is to submit your site to
as many social posting sites as you can. If your site is good and useful, other people might bookmark it to add more quality to the link but even if they don’t, your site will still be indexed pretty darn quick.
A few pointers for social bookmarking:
It is better to submit an article with actual content than the site HOMEpage with just a couple of graphics, a navigation bar, and possible dreams of future content coming in.
Don’t submit nonsense, not many people are really interested in what Britney Spears is up to at  the moment, it is preferable if you submit things you think people will be interested in. Also make sure that the content is relevant to  the site and the page and does not digress into airy fairy fluff.
Don’t just submit your own pages, this is called self promotion and bookmarking sites don’t like that, it can even get your account banned. So , it is always a good thing to a submit articles that you find interesting but are not your own.  The more links you have taking you to other websites, can give you more reciprocal good will on your own website.
Use bookmarking tools, and in fact, every good toolbar and website should have a widget which permits you to invite people to bookmark your website for future use, views and news.