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There are two categories of activities to increase ranking in search engines.

Imagine you're Google and you have a million pages to be sorted, and you need to return the best results. How can you understand what is the best result?

Google uses hundreds of factors, but the two main factors are:

• meaning and content

• Popularity

Relevance means that the content is relevant to the user keyword is written in.

Popularity is a measure of the popularity of your website is running. While many other sites link to your site, your site is considered more popular and is a signal to search engines that your site is a good website. If we extrapolate further, a link to your website is like a vote for your website.

To improve the relevancy, you can improve your site's content.

To increase the popularity, you get other sites link to your website.


You can add to the ranking of search engines, we recommend the application of the following.

• Content of the project to build a content site

• Link building plan – Increase search engine linking

1. In terms of content

Search engines want the best sites to see in search results. A content plan is to make your site more for your users, and therefore better for search engines.

Improving the content is not only to increase search engine rankings. Create more content such as product and category descriptions are very useful to users.

These are the methods you may use.

Keyword research and optimization

At the performance of last year to see which keywords are best to help, create a list of pages which content can be improved by a better investment for these keywords.

Create content

Based on keyword research, create keyword rich content of these pages.

This includes things like creating descriptions of categories and more detailed descriptions of products.

2. Link building plan

Link building is about building the popularity of your site. Here are the methods you may use.

Directory submission

Take care of your site is listed in local most popular directory. Lists can be connected to your site.

Link Building

Links to other sites to your website. Many of these sites are specifically designed for building links for SEO purposes, so such links should be used in combination with other techniques related to construction.

Article Marketing

Write articles on products and submit them to article directories with a link to your site.

Premium link building and link exchange

Ask for a list of companies that are not competitors but are somehow related to the field. Email them and ask them if they will put a link to your website.

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