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I would like to present to you my “Multiplied Traffic Process” for SEO Training. Through this article, you will learn how to take 1 piece of content and turn it into 7 different avenues of traffic. Through these different avenues of traffic building, you will be able to dominate Google for your keyword within hours. Potentially, your content could turn viral in a short amount of time, and you will create a lot of one way links pointing to your site.

SEO Training

Step 1: Write An Article

Your article must be 300-500 words (some article sites will require at least 500 words). You want to write content that would be beneficial to someone else in your niche. Also, your article must contain a call to action.

Step 2: Submit your article to 10+ article locations

You can do a search online to find article hubs, locations, etc.

Step 3: Then turn your article into a press release

Refer to to learn the proper format for writing a press release. Make sure that you abide by the guidelines presented by each company that you use to submit your content.

Step 4: Submit Your press release to 15+ PR locations

You can do a search online to find PR locations.

Step 5: Turn your article into a video

You can record yourself reading or sharing the main points in your article. You can also break down the main points of your article and turn it into a powerpoint presentation and then submit that as a video to video sites.

Step 6: Submit your video to multiple video sites

You can actually do a search online for software that will submit your video for you to multiple traffic sites. One particular software will also take your videos, strip the audio from them, and submit the audio to different podcast directories. It will also submit your videos to a network of high ranking blogs.

Step 7: Blog your content

You might want to re-write your article to make it look 100% unique for your blog. You can also post the video that you created on your blog along with your re-written article.

Step 8: Squidoo and Hubpages

Take your article and turn it into a squidoo lens and a hubpage. You might need to re-write the content for these locations as well, as they check for duplicate content.

Step 9: Bookmarking

Bookmark your article, blog post, and video. We use a tool called socialmarker.

What just happened in this SEO Training? You have just taken 1 piece of content and turned it into multiple avenues of traffic for your site. YOu now have one way links coming from multiple video sites, multiple podcast directories, a blog network, 15+ PR locations, 10+ article locations, your own blog, and social media sites! You will have no problem creating a landslide of traffic for your website using my “Multiplied Traffic Process” and SEO Training.

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