99% of search engine based clicks to sites come from the first ten results
(first page), and 97% come from the first three results.This means if your
business is not on the first page, it has only a 1% chance of being seen.

Reach your target audience

On-page optimization does not necessarily mean a complete rewrite of the copy. On the contrary, content that clearly describes the product or service being offered should be created, and then that content optimized. The Top SEO Team in South Carolina Coastal Media Brand spends many hours optimizing on-page elements of your website, as well as developing of a search engine friendly site structure and carefully planning keyword density. and  placement. Our SEO is pleasing to both your customers and to the search engines.

Why is your website being left behind your competition? Let the SEO Experts at Coastal Media Brand help your business by identifying  and fixing technical issues that are hindering it from its reaching full ranking potential. Our goal is to clean up your website in order to dramatically improve its overall search engine friendliness. During this audit, we also analyze your competitors’ search presence to understand the likelihood as well as the timeframes required to achieve better rankings.
See the Difference

Coastal Media Brand spends a lot of time determining the best search words or phrases that could improve your website’s conversion.What keywords should your website rank well for in order to boost sales ? Answering this question is our priority and is the center point of our game plan. We consider estimated search volumes, intent, and competitiveness of the most relevant words and phrases. We then use a proprietary formula to estimate traffic and revenue potentials for those keywords to see which ones are worth chasing.


Ecommerce websites are often complicated systems driven by databases, supporting different departments. We assess the weaknesses and find the opportunities of your online store, and then pinpoint ideal ecommerce SEO strategies to get higher visibility on search engines. We prioritize the most important Ecommerce SEO issues and opportunities.


We have proven techniques to drive traffic to you from local customers looking for your services. For businesses with a local presence, optimizing your brand for local representation online. In today’s economic environment, small businesses can’t afford to miss out on new business opportunities. Marketing has evolved, even on a local level.