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How To Find A Niche

Firstly you need to decide on the Niche, which is the subject you have chosen for your website. Many people find a product first … which is wrong. You need to find the niche first so you can check if there are going to be enough people interested in what your website is giving information on or selling.

Effective Keyword Research

A keyword is a word or phrase that is typed into a search engine to seek out information … It is vital you do keyword research to determine if enough people are typing in the same keyword or phrase as the niche you have chosen. Free keyword tools are available to help you do this. Another thing you need to do is to determine how many other websites there are using those same keywords. If there are too many you will find that your website will be lost and ranked very low in the search engines.

Website Design Software

You do not need to have web design, coding or programming skills to produce a simple website design. There are plenty of free website design software products available, making building a website simple. You can also download free ready made website templates too with which you can make lots of changes including the text and adding pictures.

Registering A Domain Name

Having determined your niche and deciding how you want your website to look you will need a domain name. A domain name is the name or URL for your website for example,, and Remember though you can not register a domain name for life, you will have to re-register it every year or so. Domain names are fairly cheap and even free with some hosting companies.

Choosing A Good Website Hosting Company

A Good hosting company is required so you can get your simple website design to be seen on the internet. There are many good hosting companies on the internet … but be wary of some that offer web hosting for near nothing as you could risk losing a lot of features that you need. You may also find that when people do click on your link to view your website there will be nothing there or it will take too long to download … risking you losing a valued customer.

How To Make Money With Your Website

To make your website financially viable the aim is to work on driving quality traffic to it and start building your list of subscribers and buyers.

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