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People have quickly latched on to the Social Media marketing that has become so popular- connecting on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many of those people have begun to turn to Skype to take their connection to the next level. Could this be the time to implement a Skype marketing strategy?

With so many people trying to keep up with their busy schedules- many have begun to just skim over and sometimes completely skip reading over emails and social media messages in their inbox. This leaves for a lot of information that is sent and never read. There are many people who have looked to Skype to solve this problem – because with Skype the message is delivered directly that that person's desktop.

We could also look at this from a potential customer's point of view. We can say for example that your prospect has gotten their message- but they now have questions about what you have sent them. Your prospect could potentially email you their questions, and wait for a response- but let's face it- when people want an answer these days they want it now. This can work against you- if your prospect is curious and does not want to wait for an answer- they can do what so many of us find ourselves doing- and just searching for the answers ourselves. This could easily mean that your prospect has now surprised off of your email or website and is now on another site. This could have just cost you the sale.

On the other hand- if you are providing this information to them via Skype- you are now on a more responsive level with your prospect. They do not have to wait for you to check your emails- because your Skype has delivered this message directly to your desktop. Their question can be answered within just a few moments and you have saved the sale. Could this be reason enough for you to implement a Skype marketing strategy?

Lets take a look at the features that are available with Skype. Some people have the impression that Skype is just another instant messenger. While Skype does offer this option- there are a lot more that go unnrecognized. You can place voice calls for free to another Skype user, even in other countries. You can also use a video call option which provides both you and the other user the option to talk and view each other via web cam. There is also a screen share option. Lets not forget the importance that there are over 500 million registered users on Skype- which is very powerful in itself having that broad of users to have the option of connecting with.

As if Skype was not powerful enough by itself- a Skype add on software by the name of Message Magic has been developed to take all of these features to a higher level. With this software add on you can search through Skype profiles in bulk- you can send add requests in bulk- and you can also send a broadcast message to your contacts in bulk. This is the perfect addition for a successful Skype marketing strategy.

Overall, I believe that it is already proven that a Skype marketing strategy is quickly becoming a popular wave of network marketing online. Only time will tell where it goes from here.

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