So You Want to Be a Web Designer?

Web design is a very saturated field. But still not enough to take on all of the web sites being made everyday. There’s enough work for all web designers in the world. Now who wouldn’t want to be in this lucrative and creative business. I’ve been a web designer for quite some time and the development of the design on all niches and types of websites are fast changing. We are now on the 4th stage of the internet called Web 2.0. Why have we’ve come to this internet era and how did I know we are in Web 2.0? One thing for sure its the design of the website.

Although it might not look like it by the look of my site, I’m really a web designer and I just recovered from my site losing all my files. If you would like to know more of me and see sample of my past work, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tips On Being a Web Designer

Inner Game

I call this inner game. How you view this business and work. Your work will reflect on what’s going on your mind. One thing to never forget is that, a web designer is always creative. And creative people never say never and do the impossible. Creative people are genius in their own little way.

One time a client wanted me design a site that is fun and looks like an under sea fun party. They gave me sample and its all full of vector art. I don’t know shit how to use illustrator. But I got an idea and a clear picture of what they wanted. So I still went on. I messed around illustrator and my creativity never failed me. I came out of a design that’s one of the best I’ve done. I could easily get away and say, I can’t or I can’t use illustrator. But hey, if you want it, you can get it. All you have to do is close your eyes and have a clear picture of what you want and it will come tru.

Business Relations

If a client wants to revise something with your web proposal, don’t take it personally. I know sometimes when you worked hard for a project and the revisions are as big as just make a new one. You really have no choice and don’t take it personally. Appreciate the clients effort on pointing out your weakness and thank them for being open and honest. Build a lasting relationship with them so they know that they’ll get the highest quality web design service from you. This is the key to referrals and loyal clients.

When You Say It Do It

Integrity… That’s the word, if you say you can do it. Do it. If you say you can finish this at this time. Finish it at that time. Your clients will love you for your reliability and will trust you more.

Now that’s been taken care off… On to your arsenal…

Web Designer Skills and Tools


I can’t live without this tool. Graphic application is the bread and butter of a web designer. I am using Adobe Photoshop for all my web designs and will never trade it for anything else. This is the only graphic application I used since I first started (except MS Paint).

Adobe Photoshop is used for retouching images, improving the quality of pictures, web layouts and web designs, maybe some graphics and logo, but there is a more powerful tool for that, which brings us to the next,


The most powerful logo creation, vector creation and print creation software to be added on your arsenal. With Photoshop, you can do any kind of web design work.


Motion is the future. It is expected that when the internet reached the age of web 3.0, all websites will be a moving media. Videos and graphic animation. And today, its one of the most appealing piece of work in a website to catch the visitors attention in a little time.


For HTML and CSS coding. If you can do it in notepad, by all means, help yourself. I love Dreamweaver for the fact that its so easy to add code snippets and makes it a lot faster to work with codes.

Pizza, Coke and Smoke

With you’re skills and tools, you’ll find yourself piled with web design jobs. So pamper yourself with the best combination of every computer programmer and internet savvy professionals – Pizza & Coke. If you’re stuck and have no ideas, you can take a quick smoke and get back to work. That’s the life of a web designer.