Social Marketing Ideas

Social Marketing Ideas

As the internet has taken off over the last decade, social media sites have become major outlets for people with Facebook's population numbering over five million people. It only makes sense with such a large audience, that advertisers would try to market using social media as a medium. Here are some ideas for breaking into the world of social media marketing.

Blogs are probably the fastest and easiest way for any business to inform their customers and new visitors about their product and company. Publishing a blog with relevant information to your field can attract people to your site and establish your credibility. For example, if you sell novelty socks a blog about socks and general fashion would be a great way to attract potential customers. One of the big problems with business blogs is they tend to not get updated very frequently and so become obsoleste very quickly. Ensure that you are regularly adding fresh, informative content to your site so it stays up to date.

Networking is an important part of social media. After you have published your own blog, seek out similar themed or like-minded individuals and comment occasionally on their blogs. Be sure you have comments that are applicable to the original post and do not come across as spam or blatant promotion. Bloggers think of themselves as a community and organize themselves accordingly, so you will get the greatest response from engaging and interacting with the community than you will if you simply publish a blog, toss a few posts onto it and forget about it.

Forums are sites where people can discuss specific topics and niche categories. If you can find a forum that is related to your product or service, participate on that forum with relevant information and a simple link at the bottom of your posts back to your site. Not only will you gain credibility by participating in a forum setting, but you will also make people curious about your site.

Social networking sites such as Facebook can also be useful for promoting yourself. Many of the major brands now have "fan pages" where people can meet and discuss what they like or do not like about a particular company or product. This is a wonderful way to find out what people think of your product and whether they've thought of any improvements you could make.

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