Social Marketing – The New Network Marketing Business Model

Social Marketing – The New Network Marketing Business Model

No matter how hard you work as an off-line network marketer there is no way you can even come close to competing with the new age social network marketer.

Offline prospecting is about is about targeting unqualified prospects one at a time.
Where as, online marketing is all about targeting qualified prospects who are looking for your offer. Which one sounds better to you?

Also with online marketing you can now reach thousands of qualified prospects at any one time. That is the power of the internet.

The days of picking up a phone and calling someone who is part of a lead list you purchased for hundreds of dollars is over.

The new network business model is that of "social" marketing and it has addressed the attention of the network marketing community. The only remaining question is how does one go about learning the concepts of social based marketing?

The basic premise behind "social" marketing is to create a relationship with potential prospects before attempting to recruit them into your primary business venture while realizing an income in the process which by the way covers your marketing costs.

Fortunately there is a way for the beginning network marketer to learn this exciting new concept and it is called Renegade University. Renegade University offers training for the new social model, as well as marketing tools to help members succeed.

Basic training for Renegade University members is free. However, to advance with more detailed training, members are encouraged to become "professional" members. This more advanced training requires a monthly fee. If you are an experienced network marketer there is plenty of information available on the internet where this new business model can be self taught. However, for the beginner Renegade University can be of great value.

Not only will they teach you this new social business model but they will show you how to implement it one step at a time through their video tutorials.

If you plan to start a HOME based network marketing business with a limited budget than learning the new Social Based Marketing model is definitely for you.

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