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Social Media has proven to be a valuable channel for accelerating brand awareness. Indeed, the more successful corporations have boosted their marketing strategies with social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Social media has empowered consumers with anytime, anywhere access to information who seek engagement with their favorite brands. The digitized consumer’s shopping experience starts online, and companies recognizing the need to enhance this experience are on the right track. There is no doubt that social media is a powerful medium. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn receive 2 billion visitors a month. In fact, if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world. It’s a no brainer that exposure to this massive market is great for business.

As a tool for brand awareness, social media helps build positive perceptions of the brand. Consumers develop a better understanding of their favorite brands through consistent engagement. In turn, this results to increased awareness of the company.

As an effective marketing tool, marketing activities become more targeted. It allows businesses to monitor their markets through status updates and tweets, and identify positive and negative comments. Additionally, companies can measure the frequency of discussion or conversations about their brands. It also allows companies to identify new marketing opportunities.

Here are effective ways to use social media:

Create Hype. This is best done for upcoming products. By creating hype you are creating demand for products or services that are yet to come out in the market.

Build a community. Like-minded individuals form groups and communities in the web. Why not provide a Facebook page, group or community where these individuals converge. At Twitter, individuals follow their favorite brands and are thrilled to see what other followers think or are up to. Your brand’s fans will appreciate if you give them space to thrive. It may be at your own blog or a Facebook page.

Build brand-loyalty.Foster good relationships with your customers to build brand loyalty. This can be done through consistent and timely engagement; by providing information; or through a community.

Establish authority. Showing expertise in your industry or field establishes your authority. Be helpful and share valuable information. This is the best way of magnifying your sphere of influence.

Build Links.Social media is a good way of building links, and thus optimizing your website.

Add value.It’s very easy to add value to your business these days. All you need to do is share information. Social media makes information sharing as easy as grade 1 math. *

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