Social Media and Athletes

Social Media and Athletes

There seems to be a great deal of pressure on athletes to use social media such as twitter and Facebook during games. The people that are putting this pressure on the athletes are not aware of the huge safety risk this may pose. Most people have never reached the level of competition that a professional or college athlete has reached. Therefore, they can not possibly understand the level of focus necessary just before and during each game.

Yes, athletes and teams should be using social media, but the players and coaches SHOULD NOT be using anything of the sort immediately before or during games for SAFETY reasons. Maybe they can have an administrative person from the team keeping fans happy with real time updates. After the games and on days the athletes do not play the athletes and coaches should use social media to keep fans interested, informed, and up to date. I can not stress enough that just before and during the games the athletes and coaches MUST FOCUS on the game. IT'S A BIG SAFETY ISSUE.

I've been coaching since 1978 and have seen athletes get distracted and then injured. After seeing distractions and minor bumps and bruises, I had parents agree that they would not call for their child's attention during practice or competition for SAFETY reasons. And each athlete agreed that they would not interact with any spectators during practice or competitions. The reason is because it takes away from their concentration. Anything that causes an athlete to lose focus can cause an accident.

So with all of your discussions on this topic please keep ATHLETE SAFETY in mind …

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