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All the talk on the internet now and for the last year, has been about the social aspects of a website. So how do you make your website more social? Just sticking a like button after a post is not enough, a share button is much more powerful. You may have noticed with your Google Places page, if you share anything your listing rises up the results for a short period. However it is not just about including a share box, or pumping thousands of people to your site.

It’s actually all about retention, focusing on retaining your users by giving them the content that brings them back through their own choice. Not a slick marketing strategy where somebody has to like you to get the free video, report. If somebody actually likes something, they will tell other people.

The web is being rebuilt around social, so now here is a new opportunity, where everybody starts equal. Understanding the reasons people come to your site, then identifying why, and how these people can be targeted.

While many companies on Facebook have huge numbers of friends, are they really friends?

Your friends and future friends that you target to your service or business are yours only. By giving them an experience that they can only get with you, will lead to people wanting to come back. Consequently giving you the opportunity to increase your conversion on every click you receive.

It is a forever multiplying process, truly viral. We can learn from Facebook and use some of their plugins or apps.

Facebook comments are must for your website. If a visitor visits your site and are still logged on to Facebook which is common, then, comments on your site. The comment will appear on their wall for their friends to see. and If their friends comment, the conversation shows up on your website. But with this app, there is even more. The order of the comments change, it is highly personalized to whom is actually viewing. Each user sees who they know and the comments by his or her friends. And finally, Google recognises the new content as yours.

The use of the like button in conjunction with the facepile plugin can lead to huge improvement to your conversion rates, it automatically pulls up your visitors friends and pictures of other people who have liked your post, Anywhere there is a sign up or a like button it’s a good idea to use facepile, because if their friends have already liked it, there is no better testimony.

Another plugin the activity feed, shows users what their friends have been doing on your site through likes and comments. If any of the visitors friends have visited the site it would show their activity. It defaults to recommendation of pages and activity within the site.

These plugins need good traffic to your site for it to show results; however once you get the numbers the experience for your visitors can only increase. With these plugins incorporated, and good incentives to like your page, you are well on the way in the making your site more social.

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