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Understanding the social media realm is a daunting task and unquestionably scary for most of us. Well now, it's time to really buckle down and grasp it. Social media can be used in many ways ie fun and business. We are going to concentrate on the business aspect of it. You can use Facebook and twitter to promote your properties and keep in touch with your tenants. This aspect alone should encourage you to understand social media and use it as a vital tool for communication. Here are some tips on understanding social media and getting started.

1. Sign up for Facebook and create a page. Very important tip: make sure to create a new Facebook account that its sole purpose is for your property. You do not want to mix your personal account with your property page. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

2. Keep your social media login information consistent, this makes it easier to log on to Facebook and Twitter. Use the same email and password for both social media portals; it's just easier to remember.

3. Make sure to document your login information. It should be on a Google doc so you can share with personnel to help manage your social profiles.

4. Customization: Facebook allows you to upload photos and change your profile picture – this should really be your logo. Twitter gives you the option of more customization. You can change the twitter background and icon. Very important tip: keep it simple. Have a nice background and with information of your property and that's it. Do not overdo it!

5. Send out a letter to your tenants explaining you have a Facebook and twitter account setup for your property and encourage them to sign up.

6. Now, it's important to manage your social profiles. This is an excellent means of pushing out promotions to your tenants and letting them know of what is occurring within your property.

Coastal Media Brand

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