Social Media and Wedding Planning Ideas

Social Media and Wedding Planning Ideas

Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people with over 500 million users on Earth and with over over 50% are logging in every day. There are around 200 million registered accounts on Twitter as of January 2011. $ 3.08 billion has been spent to advertise on social networking sites and 65% of US adults use social media and say they have received a positive benefit as a result. Pretty obvious that those social networks are rapidly influencing our lives everyday. But what do these statistics mean to us specifically to all wedding planners out there? Yes, they are also inviting the wedding businesses by storm. If you're one of those couple-to-be struggling to create and plan a perfect wedding, who knows reading this article might just be the solution to your problem. I'll give you key advantages of these social networking sites.

Did not you notice that most vendors nowdays are joining social network sites? Which means its not going to be that hard anymore gathering vendors. Some people are even creating a twitter list to compile vendors that they want to follow up. By simply typing along a keyword on the site, "save the dates" for example, will show you anyone who is talking about this topic. You'll probably do not realize your just gathering different promos from all of these vendors, which makes it easier to finish up your plans. You will have many friends that might have the same interest as you or maybe seek consultation to those who are already married. Try posting any topic that you and your fiancé has agreed upon and you might be surprised how many have made a comment, either the good ones or the not-so-good ones.

Some social media blogs have also themes for pre wedding parties. This allows to plan this activity easier and the chance for the participants to get to know each other and maybe share photos as well on it. Facebook would be a very good example for that. Wedding registries, as we all know is on of the many things we should plan ahead, will be a lot easier to realize since you can post direct links, highlight specific gifts that you and our fiancé really wanted and maybe connect your registry information to your wedding's official web page. How cool is that!

Some wedding bloggers love to give prizes as well. If I'm not mistaken there will be contest almost everyday. Just probably a single tweet for example will be entered and you're part of the contest already. Planning a destination wedding should not be a headache as well. With the use of live stream on some social media sites, your wedding will be seen live too.

Some experts advise and recommend passwords protecting your site for guests. As much as possible, getting feedback is a best practice during the process. In this way, every time you have doubts on anything that is part of your plan, opinion from others really counts a lot. There are a lot of sellers you have not heard before but those can be gateways to get great deals and promos

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