Social Media As a Viable Marketing Tool?

Social Media As a Viable Marketing Tool?

Social Media has changed the face of Online Marketing much like the magazine and the television did 40 years ago. But how do you take advantage of these outlets and turn them into profits for you? You are not too late to turn you Twitter into a money machine. The more I use Twitter the more I have come to relly on it, yet the people who do not use it question not only why but how it works. Just follow these 7 steps and you can profit also.

1. Learn what leader in the industry are doing

The only way to learn is to (a) Pay for it or (b) Link up with a successful leader. You can only learn by doing, not having it done for you and good leaders teach you how by using online web meetings and conference calls to teach you the skills you need to succeed. By keeping on top of what the industry leaders are doing, only then can you stay a step ahead of the competition.

2. Keep up on new technology

Why do long hand math when a calculator can complete the task just as easily? Same with Social Media, you have to stay up with the trends, software and websites that make Twitter a marketing wizard. To do that you have to follow step 1 and learn from the leaders in the industry.

3. Get in touch with your future clients / coworkers

Ever notice that it's harder and harder to get in touch with someone? Do they answer their phone, or reply to their email? the interesting thing is they do check their Twitter and Facebook pages. Learning how to capitalize on that will propel you to success.

4. Do not loose touch with reality

Remember that life does not revolve around Social Media sites. Stay in touch with real people, friends and family. Social Media is only as useful as the ability to pick up the phone and talk with someone. Share your story and your business will grow.

5. Real events drive our economy

People drive the economy, economy does not drive people. Look at what others are doing and learn from them. Leaders are willing to teach others what they have done and they use events in the marketplace that will drive business to you.

6. Make world events more personal

If all you focus on your Twitter or Facebook sites you may miss world events. That is nothing you use the power of these Social Media sites to find out what is going on around you. Read the posts that are sent to you and you will be amazed at what is going on next door or halfway around the world.

7. Get to know people

Use Twitter and Facebook to guide you to people by getting to know them. Who are they? What are their likes? Where do they live? Then use that information to share your knowledge of your business, technology and skills that can help them. Do not be afraid to talk. Do not become a victim of Social Media Anxiety.

Good luck and Happy Tweeting.

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