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If one was to go into a populated area in the west and to ask a number of people if they are religious, they may find that a common theme begins to appear. This could be a time when they will that see that not many people believe in or worship a god or a number of gods.

A Strange Reaction

There is also the chance that a number of the people who were asked found it strange to even be asked this question. It would then have been clear that this is not something that remotely interests them.

If one pushed further and asked them why this is, they may have heard that it is because they have more important things to focus on. A number of these people may spend a lot of time using their Smartphone, for instance.

Other Priorities

Along with the amount of time that some of them spend using a device, there will be other things that take their time. There can be the time they spend at work, and with their friends and family.

What is clear is that it is not difficult for someone to find something to do in today’s world. It could be said that there is no reason for one to be bored; that is unless they are at work, or if they have become over stimulated.

Too Much

When one has been exposed to so much stimulation, and this has happened for a certain period of time, it is going to be a lot harder for them to be stimulated. Their brain will have adapted and they will need even more stimulation in order to be stimulated.

This is then similar to how a drug addict will need to continually take more to achieve the same high. The law of diminishing returns as at work here and this is a game that can’t be won.

A Number of Options

And when one uses their Smartphone, there are going to be plenty of things that they can do. One of the things that they are likely to use the most is social media, and this will allow them to stay up to date with their ‘friends’ and family.

Here, one might share practically their whole life online, or they might only share certain things. In addition to this, they may just use one of these sites, or they might have a number of different sites that they use.

A Different Level of Exposure

When one doesn’t share a lot online, it can show that they don’t have a strong need for attention. They might prefer to send a private message, or to speak to someone over the phone or in person.

On the other hand, when one does share a lot online, it can show that they have a strong need for attention. It might be hard for them to keep things to themselves, and it is then going to be easy for their ‘friends’ and family to find out about what they have been doing.


What can’t be denied is that social media has made it extremely easy for someone to receive attention. There is no need for them to achieve anything significant; the only thing they need to do is to upload a video or a picture of themselves, for instance.

And if one is physically attractive, they can end up being treated as though they are some kind of celebrity. Once they have shared a picture of their face or even their body, the ‘likes’ and comments are likely to come flooding in.

One Step Further

Due to the effect this has on how they feel, one could share a picture everyday or a few times a week. When it comes to the amount of positive feedback they receive, it is partly going to depend on how many ‘friends’ and/or ‘followers’ they have.

So, regardless of what their profession is, one can end up having their own followers. These people will ‘like’ what they share and they can tell them how special they are, amongst other things.

Another Angle

Thus, even if one didn’t set out to do this, they will have created their own area where people can worship them. Some of these people will be religious and some won’t, but they are still going to be treating them as though they are some kind of god.

If one was to realise this, it might make them feel uncomfortable, or it could be something that has a positive effect on them. When it relates to the former, it could cause one to take a step back and to reflect on if they want to carry on doing the same thing.

A Business

At the same time, if sharing their life in this way is part of their business and not just a way for them to receive attention, they might carry on doing the same thing. In this case, they don’t have the desire to be worshipped; it is simply a by-product of what they are doing.

When it relates to the latter, it could show that one is completely out of touch with their true-self. One can then see themselves as being better than others, and it will then be seen as normal for other people to put them on a pedestal.

The Other Side

Alternatively, one could be in a position where they worship a number of people on social media. They might visit their page a few times each day to give themselves a mental and emotional boost.

When it comes to the people who they look up to (or down to their Smartphone to), one could believe that they are superior to them. No matter what they say or do, it might not have an effect on the idealised image they have created of them.


What this emphasises is that even if one says they are not religious; it doesn’t mean that they are not worshipping something or someone else instead. There could be something else in their life that binds them.

One could say that the people who look up to a god are not very bright, but this could be coming from someone who looks up to a sports team or a celebrity, for instance. It could then be said that one is deluding themselves.

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