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Facebook has finally implemented a daily deals program of their own. Daily Deal sites have taken the Internet by storm and numerous sites are running deals in nearly every big city in the USA. Now Groupon and Living Social are the top Daily Deal sites, but who knows, maybe Facebook's new addition will push them to the top! There are now hundreds of daily deal platforms, but its very likely the reach of these platforms will be a key to successfully delivering customers in a scalable and impactful way.

Facebook is currently testing deals in five major cities; Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. You can buy the daily deal online just like any other deal site, but the advantage comes in the social sharing capabilities. Facebook allows you to easily share deals with your friends, you can like a deal and even have friends be informed when you actually buy a deal. It's different with Groupon and others, you need to proactively send an email or message to your friends when you buy across multiple social networks. Along with offering their own deals, they also plan to aggregate with other sites similar offers, which could help provide advantages from other platforms as customers are not willing to join multiple email lists.

As a business with a social media strategy, if you run a deal, customers can see your deal in the following places:

  • Standard Email that goes out daily to subscribers
  • Customers that buy your deal, can share it with their friends
  • Notification will show up on your Facebook Business Page
  • Enable a Deals Tab on your Facebook Business Page

There is also constant speculation about the real effectiveness of these programs. Some business owners believe that it does not help business in the long run because constant deal hunters are the majority that use it. Others have reported a benefit of creating awareness for their new business and have seen returning customers. If done correctly, and with the right kind of business, the deals can be very effective when implemented into a local businesses social media strategy. The point is to induction a trial. You want to give people a reason to visit your business, then with good products and or services consumers are kindly to revisit you when necessary.

Certainly, the deal market is young. BIA Kelsey consulting group reported that the daily deal market is expected to grow to nearly 3.93 Billion by 2015. The challenge will be how the market is carved up, but certainly the early leads of Groupon, Living Social, and others will be hard to dethrone . But with the reach of sites like Facebook or Google, the market could change drastically.

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