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Use Social Media and Twitter to drive more people to your website. Social Media Networking is growing in importance all the time so ensure that you do not miss out on all the opportunities it represents. Social Media Networking also helps with SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Only Tweet about things that interest you.
  2. There is some debate about the busiest time for Twitter but most evidence points to the hours of 10am to 4pm so post your Tweets during these hours. This may change, of course, but if it does I'll try to keep you informed.
  3. Say something that will be of interest and value to other people.
  4. Broadcast news about yourself or your business.
  5. Ask people for advice; you'll be surprised how many helpful people there are out there.
  6. Be subtle but use your keywords whenever possible for example in your one line biography.
  7. Tweet regularly but not too often (a few times a day is good; a few times an hour might be getting a bit obsessive – in my opinion).
  8. If you say something controversial, people will be more likely to respond but if it's just plain offensive they will not be responding in a positive way. A comment like "That Michael Jackson 'ghost' on TV is certainly a fake" would be a good example and should merit a response or two.
  9. Link to Twitter from other media eg Emails (in your sign off blurb), websites, Facebook etc.
  10. Run a poll; This does not have to be anything fancy, just ask people their opinions and keep a record.
  11. Search for people interested in the same thing as you and follow them; they may follow you as well.
  12. Check who's following you and make contact with them.
  13. Publish news about vacancies in your business.
  14. Publish news before and after an event.
  15. Point to useful resources that you can offer people (like this list -hopfully!)
  16. Have a conversation; Imagine you are writing to a friend, hopefully you soon will be.
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