Social Media Marketing 101

Social Media Marketing 101

Social media is an exciting medium creating a bridge between modern communication and traditional sales and marketing strategy. In a business world where it is required to reach a customer base in innovative and creative ways, social media is necessary. Although innovative, it is also quite intimidating to traditional business models. With a few key strategies, creating a success marketing strategy is both manageable and effective.

As with traditional marketing, it starts with developing your consumer niche. No matter what your business, social media offers access to that niche. With all current social networks providing information every second of every day. The possibilities for engagement are substantive. The two most popular mediums are Facebook and Twitter. Anyone can have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. Creating and posting content that will be relevant and engaging for your network and great promotional content for your business is what makes it a lucrative venture. With Facebook projected to hit 7 billion users by the end of August, it is the fastest and most effective way of reaching customers. Content is what will differentiate effective marketers from the ineffective.

Blogging has earned itself a rather unpleasant reputation in the business world as something more appropriate for traveling grad students or coupon-clippings moms. However, consumers look to businesses to be the informative sources on everything. The more relevant content on your site to draw people in from Google searches, the better. Blogging is the safest, most attractive option for that.

Beyond breaking into the array of social networking opportunities, it is a necessity to continue to grow to ensure new business opportunities. The key to the success of social media is the attraction to the consumer base as constant evolution. As such, keeping up with the latest trends and leading customers to new ones is not only made simpler with social media, but necessary to ensure continuity.

While ROI is not able to be measured in the traditional sense with social media, there are benefits to online marketing that are necessary not only to match competitors, but also go beyond and reach a broad customer base than ever before. Profitable benefits of social media marketing include:

* Reach a broader client base for far less than traditional marketing method costs
* Increase search engine ranking with current and quality content
* Easily reach new customers through current customer engagement
* Generate site traffic
* Create brand recognition
* Opportunity to address negative comments and correct inaccurate information through brand monitoring
* Let your clients know that you are relevant and forward thinking
* Stand out as an expert in your market to both your customers and other businesses

All that to say, utilizing the tools and strategies available are effective ways of ensuring that you are maximizing your possibilities to reach your customer base with the largest possible return with your marketing.

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