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Everyone who has waded into the social media marketing world knows that it can be huge drain on your time. Even if you are only considering adding the social media marketing tool to your tool belt I am sure you have heard some stories of others who have invested 100's of hours and are still no further ahead.

Outsourcing may be a good choice for you in your business. Here are three benefits for you to consider …

1. Reduce costs – there are so many hidden costs in investing the time to learn all about social media. As a marketing tool for your business it offers an excellent way to put yourself in front of your traffic. However it is also a huge subject, it's not just Facebook and Twitter. When you outsource you are paying someone to do the job that has already invested the time and energy into learning about the tools. They can get more done in less time.

2. Get things done – how many times have you put off the chore you need to get done just because you do not like to do it. Then when you finally get down to it, you know it is taking you a lot longer to do that it really needs to. That used to happen to me with my taxes until I finally started taking everything to an accountant. The same thing could be happening for you right now with social media marketing. If you do not enjoy learning and doing it the chances are that it will also frustrate you. When you do not enjoy something you do not give it the same attention and focus you would to something you love to do. Therefore it is far more productive to outsource the task and concentrate on what you love to do in your business.

3. Save time , become more efficient. Think about it, someone is doing the jobs you do not like to do and much faster and more efficiently than you would do them; that alone saves you time. Then add to that the amount of time you would have spent trying to get it done yourself. I have clients who come to me with a social media marketing question; they have spent hours trying to figure it out themselves and I can answer it for them in a matter of minutes. When social media marketing is not your "cup of tea" but you totally understand the impact it can have on your business sometimes outsourcing it would be right for you. Just like outsourcing my taxes is right for me. You will have back all the time you would have spent on your social media marketing and be able to invest it in the areas of your business that bring in the money.

Coastal Media Brand