Social Media Marketing – Michigan State University

As a student in the Media Drivers License class at Michigan State University, I have learned the importance of social marketing which is marketing on the internet using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Digg. I have always been a fan of social media sites for networking purposes, however now I understand how useful it is to utilize these sites for marketing purposes. I was unaware that there were so many different social media sites that companies use to market to their consumers. I also did not know that there were ways that consumers could track what people are saying about a product they are interested in. Those are a few things I have learned in this class so far.

For example, I am interested in the iPad and if I wanted to see what other consumers or marketers were saying about the product without being biased and looking at advertisements from Apple, I could simply search online for what interested users are blogging and tweeting about the Apple iPad, both good and bad, and make my decision about the product based off consumer reviews.

I also was surprised to see that a lot of companies have not jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon yet and are still marketing to consumers the regular way through media and print advertisements. I was surprised that more companies have not taken this to new phenomenon because it seems as though the most successful products and companies are marketing to consumers using this strategy. Social marketing seems to be the easiest and best way to market to consumers in this day and age where everyone searches for information through the internet.