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Any website, blog, or business that is trying to grow itself into a successful enterprise needs to be on Facebook. When it comes to social media marketing Facebook is the king. There are over 600 million Facebook users worldwide. That’s roughly 8% of the world’s population.

Now you see exactly why Facebook marketing is so incredibly popular. It’s an effective way to reach a new audience of people that you may never see in real life.

Use Facebook marketing to promote events

One of the most overlooked social media marketing methods is event marketing. Facebook excels at event marketing because you can promote special events directly to your target audience. This audience can be as narrow or large as you would like it to be.

Marketers, event planners, and promoters can invite any user on Facebook to their promotional event. You can use Facebook marketing to have a mega blowout event for a grand opening or the launch of a new business. Or you can use Facebook to target a select group of high net worth VIP’s. It’s totally up to you.

Create a Facebook profile to attract new customers

Lots of people think that Facebook profiles are just for individual users. This is an obvious misconception. A Facebook profile is a good social media marketing tool for a business a well. You can make your Facebook profile open to any user so that they can see what your blog or business is all about.

You can use your Facebook profile to directly interact with people on a day-to-day basis. You can list your posts, articles and other pertinent information that your Facebook friends would be interested in reading. You can subtlety promote your business via Facebook marketing while building an online community at the same time.

How Facebook Fan pages enhance your business’ reputation

A Facebook fan page is a good way to build your authority and reputation on the worldwide web. Every single like is a positive sign of affirmation. It is a sign of support and an endorsement for your blog or business. A site with a lot of likes is seen as authoritative which will help to attract a loyal following.

Facebook marketing via fan pages is an easy way of connecting with anyone online. Fan pages are open to the public and can be seen by Facebook users and non Facebook users alike. This means that anyone on the Internet is a potential viewer.

Create a Facebook Group for temporary traffic bumps

A Facebook Group may seem the same as a Fan Page but they serve two very distinctly different purposes. Fan pages are great for long-term relationship building but Groups are better for quick traffic hits.

Here are some of the advantages of Facebook marketing via a Group page.

– Good for hosting a quick active discussion

– Great for running viral social media marketing campaign

– Ability to send bulk invites to users

As you can see Facebook marketing should be one of the tools in your social media marketing repertoire. A successfully orchestrated marketing campaign can mean the difference between a business’ success and its failure.

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