Social Media Marketing Principles – How to Distinguish Oneself

Social Media Marketing Principles – How to Distinguish Oneself

For business owners please getting started with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter is not enough to create brand buzz and boost up your revenue. To leverage the power of content and social media marketing services, a businessman is required to follow few principals to lift up their audience and fan base in an impressive manner. Thus, getting started without any earlier experience or help of any professional SMO (Social Media Optimization) services provider could have a thought-provoking task.

Prior to get started with social media marketing, it is important to get familiar with its basics and marketing fundamentals. Following are the five principles of social media marketing formulated on the basis of several studies undertaken by a group of researchers:

1. Principle Of Listen More And Talk Less

To succeed in social media marketing, it is required to listen more and talk less, as following this principle only a marketer will able to read mind of his target audience's and understand what is valuable or worth reading for them. Based on this understanding only, you can develop and share content and act communications that add value instead of cluttering up their lives even more.

2. Principle of Specialization

As per a famous old saying, it is better to be a master of one than to be a jack-of-all-trades , ie as per present scenario one needs to be a specialist in one thing rather than a generalist of all things. Because an extremely focused social media marketing strategy is required to create a substantive brand that has a better chance to succeed than an all-inclusive strategy that claims to be everything to everyone.

3. Principle of Quality

In Social Media Optimization services – the formula of 'Quality over quantity' fits appropriate. It is good to have some selected online contacts that actively take part and like to read, share and talk about your brand online with their own network than to have thousands of passive contacts who never make a comeback after linking with you for the first time.

4. Principle of Patience

Success is not achieved overnight; same is true with Social media marketing as well. Thus, one needs to be committed for a long haul to succeed and achieve results in this field of online media.

5. Principle of Compounding

In order to get linked with quality online audience and make them to follow or like your online identity, e-marketers are required to publish some awe-inspiring and quality content in form of images and text. This will enable them to share your content among their own contacts or friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Blogs etc. This sharing and talking about of your content will lead to open new entry points for web crawlers like Google to locate you at time of keyword searches. And then results in compounding hundreds or thousands of more possible paths for your audience to discover you and your brand online.

From enhancing the quality of content to making more posts and keeping customers and fans engaged, one needs to keep these principles in mind all the time for building a reputed brand name, serving your customers effectively, and sometimes most importantly – distinguishing oneself on such a crowded platform like social media.

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