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With all the hoopla and fanfare around Social Media it seems there are tons of gurus and experts claiming to have a sure fire method of maximizing your Social Media Experience.   With all the people screaming in the hall way trying to get your attention and new sites popping up every day there seems to be so much to stumbleupon that you can barely Digg your way out.  It can get very confusing to the point that you sit there with your head spinning asking, “WTF do I do next?”  

I have some great news…it’s not your fault, you see no one has really pulled back the curtain and exposed that there is actually a “secret formula” to making sense of social media marketing.

Are you ready?!?

Here is the proven 4-Step process to creating a successful social media marketing campaign:

Step 1 – Find People  

You  use the typical sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to do this step. You simply use the search tools on these sites to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. Once you connect with people get to know them before trying to sell them anything. Networking on Social Media sites is really no different than doing it face-to-face. Remember the last networking event you went to and that obnoxious person who walked around shoving their business card in everybody’s face proclaiming to be able to help anybody. Well, yo don’t want to be that guy in person nor on a social media site.  

Step 2 – Give Them Content  

Provide practical advice in your area of expertise that people will find value in and be able to use whether they do business with you or not. You can provide the content with videos, articles, and web content.  I don’t mean just give a tidbit here and there, I mean REALLY give them your best stuff! This is how you set yourself apart as an EXPERT in your field.  I know what you are thinking…”but is I give them my best stuff they make just take it and use it and never come back and do business with me!” YOU are right, they may do that, but those who do come back and interact with you will be coming from the mindset that if you give that kind of great stuff for free….how much better it will be when they are actually paying you for your product or service. Think about it.  

Step 3 – Capture Their Info  

Once you have developed a relationship with your followers/friends you can invite them over to your blog or website and offer them something of great perceived value in exchange for their contact information. You can offer them a free report showing the “7 Insider Tips about XXX” or a subscription to your newsletter, etc…  

Step 4 – Stay In Touch  

Now that you have their contact info you do the same thing you do in face-to-face networking, you stay in touch by providing them more great content and useable information via email. This is where they will convert themselves from acquaintance to customer.  

Let’s face it, no matter what tactic you use, at the end of the day, people buy from people they know, like and trust. So present yourself in a professional manner offering information and advice while being engaged in conversations on the sites.   

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