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In: Social Media

If you want to build up your business in the economies of our time Social Media Marketing can be your solution.

Social Media when implemented with the right strategies can:

1. Increase website and foot traffic to your business.
2. Allow you to track leads with conversions of those leads to sales.
3. Build your brand by talking and getting people of influence to talk about your brand.
4. Create a positive conversation about your brand controlling your company's reputation.

How can you create a social media marketing strategy?

Tip # 1 Assistance:
Initially remember it is not about you it is about them. Social media is about being social talking about interesting stuff, ask questions comment on their interests. Get to know them. Do not go on to twitter and tell them about your sale and give them a link to click. Remember this is the most important rule it is about them.

Tip # 2 Process:
Map out a plan have a strategy in place know where you are going. Social Media is a very big pool do not get lost in it have focus. Plan your party first you invite the guest, laugh with them have fun, feed them well and be gracious. When they need what you offer who do you think they will come looking for?

Tip # 3 Contribute:
Create quality content. If you really want to catch their attention give them what they want. More and more people are reading online about products, services and customer reviews before going to a location or online with their wallet.

Tip # 4 Reach out:
Approach the top people with influence in the social media platform you choose to participate in. Give to them and they will give back. Remember the first rule always.

Tip # 5 Positioning:
Put yourself in front of your customers passions creating a powerful outlet for your brand.

Tip # 6 Blog:
There are 110 million blogs with a little SEO, passionate content and commentary you will be amazed at the power.

Tip # 7 Links:
They can affect your page ranking on Google the more links the more votes the better the page rank. You need links to show up on page one of Google's search results.

Tip # 8 Videos:
After a long hard day looking at a computer screen most people love video. Create a how to video and submit it to YouTube with no direct selling and watch your traffic soar.

Tip # 9 Technorati:
If you have a blog you will want to claim it on Tecnorati – you can view the top 100 blogs on the web. Learn from them and discover what everyone is talking about all over the world.

Tip # 10 Analytics:
Install Google analytics on your website and find out what is working for you and what is not. The numbers will tell you exactly how to give them exactly what they want.

Remember it takes time to build a relationship. Social Media Marketing is all about relationships. You can spend up to 12 hours a day on Social Media Marketing.