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Social media marketing websites are greatly underused by lawyers and attorneys. It can be used to get your firm's message to the public fast while helping increase the traffic to your site.

Social media and networking websites work because you get better search engine results which results in more traffic to your web presence. It offers an affordable way to connect you to potential clients and gives you the best exposure available. Make sure that what you do is useful to the people that are looking for it. Always provide value online.

Use video to enhance your marketing strategy. YouTube is the most common video sharing network. A quick discussion of legal matters relating to your practice can help make you be considered an expert in your field, which can help you get more views. They can be uploaded and im wisdom, but must be under 10 minutes in length.

You can add these videos to your blog, as well. They can be written by you, or outsourced to freelancers to give you valuable content. Make sure that you are not solely advertising yourself, but actually have things that can be useful. By giving your site content, people will return and then consider you for legal needs.

Podcasts are also very undervalued and can explain basic tips for legal matters people need, such as wills if that is your focus. This can allow people to take them on mobile devices, and adding a link to your website can give you good exposure to the people that use them. They can offer an additional way for your videos and audio to reach potential clients, and as long as you offer valuable information, people will want to see them.

Facebook and MySpace can also be a great way to use multimedia, and they are for more then social engagements. Many people forget that they can be effective tools for marketing, but on a general information page sponsored by your firm may actually get you more fans and viewers then a fan page for your firm alone. This can be an added value to your business and can tap you into a properly untapped market.

When you add the videos and audio, remember to put them onto your business cards as a site that links to you. Advertising with social media marketing can put a face to you firm and make you more accessible to many as their lawyer since they will already feel like they know you.

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