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Searching the yellow pages or your local directories for real estate agents- has become a well replaced ritual of the bygone era. The axiom social media has proved its quintessential effectiveness in the success of a large number of online business ventures. It is has become an inevitable resource that has to be embraced by all businesses that want to make their presence felt in the online web-o-sphere.

With the evolution in technology, more and more real estate agents are becoming tech-savvy. The perks of adopting social media as a route to market your real estate business it that it offers the advantage of paid as well as unpaid advertisements. For those real estate agents who have not completely dived into the bountiful ocean of digital microcosm and are just dipping their toes into it, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts.


  1. Create an interactive profile on various social media websites: Interaction with the public, publishing engrossing and authentic content and creating trust among the views is the best way to tactfully create a positive image in the market.
  2. Embrace creativity and uniqueness: Creative and unique pages are eye catchers. Uploading pictures to show the followers the examples of best HOMEs, common mistakes that most people make, how to decorate the house and similar details will keep the spark of interest alive.
  3. Remain ubiquitous to answer queries: Selling HOMEs or property is not the end of the story. Create an element of trust among your customers by answering their queries and letting them know that you’ll be available to help them whenever needed. This will create a life-long relation with them.
  4. Include pictures and videos wherever possible: A single picture speaks far more than a thousand words. Adding a picture of the whole family standing in front of the house that you just sold will add a personal quotient. Bring life into your page and see how there is a humongous increase in your followers.


  1. Don’t be an acid aunty: Everyone has had bad experiences. Crying and lamenting over those on your page won’t help you attract customers.
  2. Don’t over share: Creating a page on social media does not imply that you should share each and every task that you do from morning till the time you sleep. Whatever you share will attract your future clients so always share only work related posts.

We hope these tips would be helpful to real estate agents to master the art of social media marketing.

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