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Internet marketing leads to business success, but to see the income, you have to get the traffic. Follow these seven steps and watch your targeted traffic grow:

1. Facebook – See this medium as a tool, not just a bit of fun. Add friends, communicate with them, post comments to their wall, add status updates on your profile, and be involved! This way your Friends will grow. Provide value to people when telling them about your work, don’t just sell, sell, sell. Create a separate business page if you want. Link your twitter tweets and YouTube videos to this page.

2. Blog – Create a Blog. This is your hub. Add the url everywhere you go – on posts, emails, links on other sites, etc. Blog about once a week. Create a free one using Weebly, or if it’s a monetised site,

3. Squidoo – Build a unique, entertaining Squidoo lens to send traffic to your blog or website. Make it fun and informative.

4. Forums – Join forums you like and add useful comments, answers and comments. Build relationships, be entertaining and enjoy the interactions. If people know you are there to provide value they will be happy to check out your blog. Make sure you check the forum rules, as you can easily get banned if you for eg have too many links in your signature.

5. Twitter – tweet daily. Follow others in your niche and again, provide value. There are many tools to help you create a twitter banner, schedule tweets, follow and unfollow people. Make sure to message people back when they contact you direct. Don’t always make this a direct message though, make it public, so people can see you interacting.

6. Articles – Write articles that help others with information, resources and ideas. Ensure articles are unique and submit them to directories. Try to add articles weekly, and over time these will bring in many people to your site.

7. YouTube – Go on, take the plunge and shoot some videos. Help people to find a solution to a problem, don’t just ramble! Think of what your visitor wants to know, how you can help them.

In everything you do with internet marketing, be yourself, be nice and be consistent. Even if you choose say 3 of the above options, you will see your traffic grow (monitor it using Google Analytics). Remember, targeted traffic is truly king – and the means to those sales.

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