Social Media Marketing Tribes and How it Affects Everyone

Social Media Marketing Tribes and How it Affects Everyone

For any webmaster that spends time online you're bound to have come across mentions of joining or creating a Social media marketing tribe around your niche or passions. The question however is not "IF" you should become involved the question is "When". Social media marketing tribes is not just a random concept that will fade out over a few months, it is here to stay and will become a huge predicting factor of how your business will succeed in the future.

Yes it's true that "word of mouth" is probably the oldest and most reliable form of getting your message out there but as the world grows and changes so do the methods that work. Lets face it the online and offline marketplace has become a metaphoric war zone with companies and individuals battling it out every day to deafen each other with our own content. The internet has changed and advanced with new technology but people and groups still respond to communication on a tribal level. Social media marketing is fast eliminating the way online communities consume information and communicate. Some sites are dictating and some are letting people do the talking like "Twitter" for example. So how can a social marketing tribe help you in your online business pursuits?

The Power of Social Media Marketing Tribes

In essence the concept is simple, join or create a tribe that suits your business perfectly and help each other syndicate one another's content to achieve a wider marketing reach and connect with people in the farther corners of the world. The way that people connect these days has become so dynamic and this is changing the way we communicate which leads to the creation of a whole new language. This "New" language will shape our future online (and offline) as it involves the use of certain social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. The new language is taking shape in the form of tech-slang that you'll only understand if you're a participant in one or most of these online social networks.

Some of this tech-slang involves the use of hashtags (#) on Twitter for example which means that users can use these on their tweets to attract more traffic while remaining niche specific. A simple example on Twitter would be: "I love red widgets more than blue widgets #redwidgets". The fact that millions of people are using this way of communication means that it works but it also means that it's slowly changing the way people think and interact.

In the same way that communication online is evolving the same could be said of how webmasters need to adapt to get traffic and build a community. Social network marketing has changed the way people use the internet and also how we perceive trust and value of a company and their products.

Content Syndication through Tribes

By creating or joining a tribe that allows people to share niche specific information amongst each other but it also helps in spreading your content out to thousands of people you previously had no access to, and the fact that most of this can be done at almost no cost to you is the number one reason why social media marketing tribes have become so ridiculously popular.

Using social networking sites has enabled marketers, fortune 500 companies and politicians to raise and create impressive amounts of revenue and when you start employing the same tactics you can too, but make no mistake this is not like a walk in the park, it takes planning and effort but the fact is that it works. You might just consider employing a social media manager to take care of those tasks involving social media marketing. Combine this with the concept of tribes and you just might have the world at your fingertips.

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