We Help Brands Harness The Power Of Social Media

Whether your company is hooked up to every social platform available or you’re just getting started, we’ll help increase your engagement and create a consistent brand personality across all social media channels.With expertise in everything from high-level best practices to laser-focused campaigns, Coastal Media Brand can help you navigate this vital marketing method. Social media is one of the most important marketing tools for modern businesses but simply having your company listed on social channels isn’t enough. You need a marketing force backing your company to build your brand image and get your message in front of the right target audiences. With our expert content creation and management, we do all this and more to increase your reach and engage your customers.

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Social Media Advertising

While social media is important for many reasons. It is generally recognized as the most effective way to sell to Millennials and Gen-Y consumers. Having experienced an overwhelming amount of advertising in their lives, these generations are only willing to invest when they feel personally connected to a brand and this is where Social Media Marketing Myrtle Beach really shines. Build an image for your company, one that people can relate too and will make them feel like your brand represents something that they want to support. That support then comes in the form of buying from you versus from a competitor who hasn’t taken the time to engage them personally.

How is Social Media Advertising different from Social Media Marketing?

Unlike social media marketing, advertising allows for a more direct approach which includes a call to action and more sales-focused strategies. Because the advertising side targets customers who have already engaged with your company or purchased from you, they are more open to a direct sale.When you choose our Social Media Advertising services, we’ll look at data about your customer segments and create focused marketing campaigns that will work with and enhance your social media efforts.