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Over the past few years, online marketing has become a fast paced, competitive world to keep ahead of. But as people use social networking sites more than ever before it provides a large opportunity for small businesses and large companies to reach their targeted consumers. The term Social Media Optimisation was introduced back in 2006 to tap the new social networking hype created by the Internet. The social networking sites provided a very good means to reach a huge mass of consumers. That eventually gave rise to the need to optimize the content that is presented to them. For the past few years the exponential growth of this area of the Internet has been proven by the supremacy of some big players such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which all boosted the above concept. Many people are of the view that Social Media Optimisation will see the end of SEO, but we consider SMO to be another element alongside effective and ethical SEO for a successful online marketing drive. A well designed and implemented SMO strategy can help yield an outstanding Search Engine Optimisation benefit.

The internet marketer who created the term SMO believes that there are some factors that are important in quality SMO such as:

1.Creating applicable content that can be shared among the customer

2.Continuous communication with/and rewarding your readers

3.Encouraging them to use their thoughts and contents to share with others

This use of social media optimization is more than just getting your content out to the world for customers to read, it is also used in maintaining an online reputation, building a brand, building link popularity, supporting customer relationship management and providing other high quality external sources linking back to one website. Facebook has been a major player in the social arena in the last few years. It has grown tremendously since its development and is the most used social media in the world. In terms of SMO, Facebook provides you with the ability to create your own content with your own page and share it with a highly targeted selection of consumers that can be segmented easily.

Twitter is a relatively new online socialite but it has 75 million users tweeting. They have taken the idea of a ‘Status Update’ and turned it into a worldwide communication channel that provides users with practically live updates in a multitude of different categories from businesses to celebrities. In terms of Social Media Optimisation, Twitter allows businesses to gather a following of customers or fans and market to them with relevant up to date content and links back to the company’s website.

So a Social Media Optimisation campaign can be a very effective means of building your brand and a great source of leads from prospects that already enjoy or like your brand. Basic SEM and SEO techniques are important to driving traffic to your business’s site, SMO just provides another new and extremely effective strategy that will build brand awareness and engagement and create two way communication that affects the rest of your overall marketing strategy.

As a leading social media marketing agency in UK, Enlightenment Business Solutions offers social media optimisation services to promote your business through social media such, as online communities, blogs, forums, videos and more.

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