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People associated with Internet Marketing and e-Commerce, are always aware with the term SEO and SEM. Usually they are familiar with the importance of On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization of website for getting top ranks in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Since last several years, these two strategies (On Page and Off Page Optimization) have been the key for getting top search engine rankings.

Nowadays, a new term has started dominating the world of internet marketing and promotion that is Social media optimization. Social media optimization helps in making a website popular using social networking and online media marketing websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. In today’s world, we cannot think of a web promotion campaign without using social media optimization strategies.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube are now dominating every SEO and SEM campaign. By introducing several Web 2.0 features in most beneficial way, these websites are helping webmasters in promoting their websites instantly among global audience.

Earlier we used to do On Page optimization of a website for making it search engine friendly and then we used to promote it through Article Submission, RSS Feeds, Blogs, and Directory Submission. Well, these strategies are still in use, but they are time consuming process and it lacked direct communication with potential customers. Whereas, using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, we can have direct communication with our potential customer segment.

We can let everybody know about our latest happening just by changing our status message in Facebook. Any message written on Facebook wall will reflect in updates of all the people in friend list. Similarly in twitter, our every tweet will appear in front of all followers. Doing these things is so easy and quick. It takes no time in updating all your customers about something new happening in your organization.

Successful social media optimization campaigns can do wonders in driving organic traffic towards a website. In very mean time webmasters can change the overall sales and revenues coming from the website by using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube strategically.

Nowadays, Social Media Optimization (SMO) has transformed the whole scene of Internet Marketing. Together SMO and old white hat SEO techniques can provide permanent top rankings to a website on all major search engines. Use social media optimization in your existing e-Marketing campaign and experience the difference instantly.

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