Social Media Quickly Killing Off Online Dating Sites

Social Media Quickly Killing Off Online Dating Sites

Online dating is a huge industry. Latest figures generated by statistical studies show that the Internet is the third most popular place for searching for a love interest, and that more and more couples get married after knowing each other in the virtual environment. However, how these people get together is important, especially for an industry generating huge profits. While finding a partner online is still going strong, a menace is on the rise: social media.

Social networks vs online dating
There are many drawback dating sites have. For starters, in order to catch the big fish, there are plenty of people that prefer to put together a fake profile, lie about their age and so on. While some relationships started on online dating websites get to the point of marriage and living happily ever after, there are plenty of disappointments and bad experiences.

Social media, on the other hand, does not start people to lie about themselves to a similar degree. Most people create real profiles, as they want to connect with people they already know. For this reason, there is much higher chance to meet the same person from the photos in real life, if you met them for the first time on a social network.

The social connection
Another interesting aspect about social media is that it brings people together in a way that is more similar to what happens in real life. Everyone has their own circles of friends, but friends of friends can also become friends. This natural progress of social connectivity is not encountered on dating sites, where a lot of strangers try to get in touch with one another, but without knowing a thing about the rest.

A place for finding people
Social networks are also considered portals for trying to find people. Searching for people that have the same interests can turn satisfying results, unlike internet dating sites, where bogus profiles make an important portion of all users registered to a site.

Users' age
It is important to notice that more and more mature people use social networks to get in touch with others. While they make for the largest slice of the pie for dating websites, there is a reason of concern for those running these romance oriented websites. Quite a number of online portals show full demographic profile of each site together with dating site reviews .

Social media is far from having killed online dating sites. However, it represents quite an interesting alternative that single men and women may see as better than shooting in the dark with websites specialized in online dating services.

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