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The term "rolling the dice" unintentionally lures your mind towards the concept of gambling.

That all-in moment, when you push most of your 'pile of chips' out onto the table, and wait to see the numbers on the dice when they land, to know whether you're a winner or a big loser?

Ironically, 'gambling' seems to be the biggest concern with companies before embarking on a social media campaign, "What if I lose?" Most companies do not know or are mostly not sure what the full income will be if they invest in Social media. The question should actually be, "Are you losing by not getting involved in Social media?"


Social media is a marketing strategy of chance weighed to those who have a better strategy and the chances of a successful campaign are dependent on the foresight and guidance you have leading your way.

What's the Gamble?

Not investing in social media, when your competitors are jumping in.

Social media is like a busy street, sure accidents can happen while you are driving, but standing still is not the safer option. We take risks in our lives daily, some we analyze, weighing our options, others we just do by simply believing that we are making the right decision, and mostly we dictate what might happen based on assumptions, experience or pure human instinct. So what's the point? The point is that at the end of the day you've just got to suck in your gut and strut, make use of what you have now and go for it; If you do not take the gamble, it may very well cost you heavily in the future.

It's not always about money

Leading consumer brand Proctor & Gamble (P & G) successfully used this approach to sell female hygiene products with their "Being Girl" campaign.

Instead of trying to use social media to directly sell female hygiene products, with, P & G created a vibrant and engaged community and lead discussions around how it feels to go through adolescence and turn into a young woman.

The community included blog posts, expert forums, an interactive Facebook page and a video series called Talk It Out. This was a very risky campaign to undertake and one that could have gone wrong, but, the strategy and execution were right and the investment paid off.

The list goes on and on. Social media almost passes itself off as a "Pay It Forward" system. Where through fan engagement and loyalty, you can go on to build a strong relationship with your target market and mold your social media strategy into the calculated success story we all desire.

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