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In: Social Media

Branding is a really important part of what you do online in your marketing. The only acceptable product to sell in social media is you. There's value in representing your business as a distinct image of yourself. Because social media means authenticity in you, you want your brand to represent you.

What you can do is you have a Facebook fan page with your company name, for that's your business. It's important that your individual profile remains the same with all of your separate networking sites. When someone is checking you out, they want to see a consistency of the profiles through the sites that they view of you.

Your photo remains the same, your bios and profiles say the same thing, and you have the same links to exclusive sites, especially to your website. Put a little personality in there too. Make it you with a few of your personal interests and likes so people can relate. Include links to appropriate sites.

The idea is to establish your expertise, establish your own personal brand, because you're the expert in your business. Your expertise with your specialty should be the focus of your social media campaign. It should be obvious to the viewer. Spend some time identifying what you are all about in a positive light.

What you're doing online is building yourself as the expert. You can build a separate identity for your personal Facebook page if you want. You'll carry the brand that is consistent forever. The main thing is to focus on building yourself as an expert, branding yourself and branding your message with your own personal style.