Social Media – Small Biz Owner – Step # 1 – Have a Plan

Social Media – Small Biz Owner – Step # 1 – Have a Plan

So you run a small business and you have heard all of these wicked rumors that you should be involved in social media. You jump out there and do a few Google searches – read up on what's going on – and before you know it you have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn page, and you somehow even manage to get WordPress installed – you now have a blog too.

So now what?

Here's what happens to most people – they start out all fired up – they start adding fans on FaceBook, they start playing around with Twitter and get a few followers, they post a couple of blog entries – they are on their way – setting up an awesome and effective social media marketing campaign!

And then it happens.

They actually get cooked up running their business. They miss a day here and there updating the sites. They go a week or so before posting another blog entry. It takes more time than they thought to respond to messages, emails, and tweets. The social media marketing campaign that looked so promising and started out so good – is dying a slow death.

"This stuff does not work." Mumbles a frustrated business owner. Implementing a good social media marketing plan can be very time consuming – and it takes consistency and patience. There are no real shortcuts. Sure – we have tools we can use to make some of the processes a little easier and quicker – but for the most part this is going to require a substantial commitment with regards to time and effort. It's not easy. It's not something most business owners should take on themselves.

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