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1. Content marketing will become challenging

Businesses have realised that embracing content marketing is the only option. In 2013, most companies will try to make up for whatever they did not do in 2012. More blog posts, videos, e-books and content will be produced as mass and frequency will be the rage. Consumers will be more well-informed than ever before, while fierce competition will lead to poor tactics and black-hat practices.

2. More industries will take social marketing seriously

In 2013, professionals in the legal, financial, medical and accounting fields will build their digital portfolios seriously and implement social engagement strategies. Regulatory issues within these industries have delayed investments in digital remodelling. With technology solutions and policies that offer protection, these professionals will emerge as digital leaders in their industries by becoming more valuable, visible, accessible and approachable through social media.

3. The new necessity: Social media advertising

Advertising will become a necessity in 2013, particularly for businesses struggling to build an engaged community and reach larger audiences. Easy targeting options make social advertising simpler and more cost-effective in comparison to paid advertising like Google AdWords. ROI will become even more important as businesses will invest time and money in campaigns.

4. New social media

Based on past experience, 2013 will see us taken by surprise by some new social media network that no-one could see coming. We have been blindsided so many times in the past few years. Most people dismissed Twitter and Pinterest, but have been proven wrong. There might be a completely new entrant in 2013.

5. Podcasters will double in number

As smartphone users reach 1 billion, with more expected in 2013, consumers will demand podcasts for quality on-demand talk. This will result in more podcasts by marketers to fulfill this demand for audio content.

6. Facebook ad network

Since its IPO in May 2012, Facebook has focused efforts on uncovering ways to monetise its large user base. 2013 will see social advertising on the web and mobile reaching its maximum potential with the complete roll-out of ad networks for mobile and third party websites. This roll-out will rely heavily on Facebook users’ personal data and will raise privacy issues. Consumer privacy backlash will result in negative PR but Facebook is likely to deal with these concerns successfully.

7. Marketers will spend more on social media

Marketers will spend more on social media usage and content marketing in 2013 by reducing spending on other advertising. Ratings, photos and reviews to provide feedback from the crowd as proved by market research.

8. Social media focus on businesses

2013 will be the time when social media will focus on customers, ROI, sales and leads. Its strength is in whom it allows us to connect to and what it allows us to do. Facebook allows businesses to connect with 1 billion people and everyone who has a story can tell the world by broadcasting it on YouTube.

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